Washington Ozaukee Transit Connection

New! Washington Ozaukee Transit Connection

Beginning April 12, 2021
Ozaukee County Shared Ride taxi is partnering with Washington County Shared Ride Taxi to provide non-stop taxi service between the two counties. The one-year pilot program is scheduled to begin on April 12, 2021. This is a door-to-door shared ride taxi service. Passengers will be able to travel from any address in Ozaukee County to any address in Washington County, and back again without needing to transfer at the county line. Both counties are able to provide specialized service to riders with mobility issues or disabilities on request.

How it works
Passengers will need to call ahead to reserve a ride, just like the current Shared Ride Taxi Service. Each trip is a one-way reservation. Call Ozaukee Shared Ride Taxi for trips from Ozaukee County and Washington Shared Ride Taxi for trips from Washington County. While in transit, drivers and dispatchers will be communicating to make sure you get where you need to go.

There is a $5.75 surcharge for ride that cross the county line. The full fare will depend on how far you travel in county. Taxi drivers can be paid with cash, check, or a pre-paid discounted punch card. Punch cards for both county services are available at the Ozaukee County Transit Building, 741 W Oakland Ave, Port Washington, WI 53074.

Washington County Shared Ride Taxi

To reserve a ride:
Ozaukee County Shared Ride Taxi

Washington County Shared Ride Taxi
262-338-2908 or 888-285-8294

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