Ozaukee County Green Initiatives

As stewards of public transportation, we also strive to conserve energy and public funding. Ozaukee Transit has continually advanced green initiatives that reduce energy consumption, allowing us to provide more transit services at less cost, and reduce our impact on the environment.

In 2012, Ozaukee Transit moved into our new Transit Services Building and created a Pocket Park on the Interurban Trail for walkers and bikers.

Green features include:

  • Solar tubular daylighting in ceilings, large windows in offices, and clerestory windows in garage
  • Automatic light dimmers & occupancy sensors
  • Highly reflective white roof finish to reduce building heat gain in warm months
  • Permeable pavers and bio-retention area to manage storm water on-site
  • Native and non-invasive landscaping require little or no irrigation or maintenance
  • Edible landscaping in Pocket Park includes blackberries and service berries

In 2015, Ozaukee Transit installed a 36.3 kW Solar Electric PV System that:

  • Produces 45,000 kWh of electricity annually, equal to 92% of the Transit Services Building’s electricity needs
  • Offsets 31 metric tons of CO2 annually
  • Provides an annual savings of $5,000 in electricity costs
  • Is the 1st Ozaukee County owned solar electric PV system

In 2015 & 2016, Ozaukee Transit procured six hybrid sedans for its Shared-Ride Taxi fleet that:

  • Increases the MPG’s of our sedans from 19 MPG to 50 MPG
  • Saves over $15,000 in fuel costs annually
  • Reduces our gasoline consumption by 8,000 gallons annually
  • Is the 1st use of hybrid taxis in Wisconsin public transit